Driving home Wednesday evening 0ct 5 on interstate 29 approx 75 mph when my car jerked and the wrench light came on with "SEE MANUEL" and my car lost power. It took two days to fix it. 2007 Ford Expedition: teh wrench warning light..accelerate..shifting My wife's 2007 Ford Expedition recently had teh wrench warning light come on in her vehicle. The contact owns a 2016 Ford Expedition. Ford Towing was a joke - they wanted to take it to a dealer that was 27 miles away while we wanted to go where we bought it that was only 9 miles away. The number is 1800-392-3673. The wrench indicator light came on. . Exactly two days later, it started again and I called the dealer. Nothing should go wrong with it at this stage. It has for some. The wrench light indicates a powertrain malfunction - quite possibly to do with your 4WD system. Thermal stress and vibration can form microcracks in circuit boards (which are repairable). After someone dies?? Service department rep also stated "there was a batch of these that have this problem" So if they know there is a problem, why aren't us customers being notified? I spoke with Phil the Manager in Langhorne that if they stand behind their product and workmanship they should be able to drive my vehicle down from Manassas VA to Langhorne PA with no problem. I always trusted Ford but now this is getting ridiculous. The called me at the end of the day and stated that they had driven it many times throughout the day and could not get the engine/wrench light to come on. Why should I have to pay for a rental when this is Ford's fault, not mine. Everyone else on the planet does. This 2016 F150 has the battery light on and code P0620-00 current in the ECM. Coming up on the winter months I don't need this to happen to me when it is 20 below zero with a wind chill of 30 below! The more sophisticated vehicles become, the more systems they have that can potentially fail. Jim D. posted a good description of the problem, saying, “Driving my 2016 Ford … I pulled off on the shoulder and then tried to drive forward nothing, so I turned off the car and tried to restart. The dealer flashed some new control code and called it good ("16B32D Reprogram PCM using IDS release 102.02 or higher"). It is going to cause accidents and possible deaths. Shame on Ford for allowing defective vehicles to be sold and shame on dealerships for selling them and treating the customer like they are a criminal.. 5 minutes later the exact same deceleration happens with no gas pedal or speed. It could be a loose electrical conection or bad/short wire or could be a more serious issue, its best to check for any bad connections, wires and if nothing found get it to a shop or dealership for service. I made it home. I guess I'll go ahead and add mine to the rapidly growing list of dissatisfied 2016 Ford Explorer owners, who have experienced the "Wrench of Death" along with the engine light, the loss of the gas pedal doing what should be the most basic function of a car, and the perplexion that goes along with being broken down on the side of the road in a BRAND NEW CAR. I'll update if any further issues arrive, but it sounds like Ford is having several problems with these vehicles. The wrench symbol stands for the electronic throttle control. If you get a warning light, take your truck in before you possibly get stranded. When is Ford going to issue a recall? They said the computer just had to be reprogrammed. Illuminates when the system has detected a powertrain or an all-wheel drive fault. Accessibility can be a problem on some vehicles because the PCM is often buried under or behind other components in the instrument panel, climate control system or console. It has for some. Oct 7th driving on my way to a wedding driving 60 mph when the car jerked and wrench light with "SEE MANUEL" comes on again! But he has a workaround for this: It seems to reset the system and the truck will turn back on. Update from Jun 18, 2016: Well the dealership said they needed to replace the throttle body control (as I suspected) and the part was not immediately available. Example: "Bad Brakes", "Toyota Recall", etc. It doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of time and money seeking a diagnosis. Some are located under a seat and require removing the seat. Release the MAF sensor, which is connected to the air box housing. The connectors should be clean with no bent pins or connector blades. Again turn it off, open gas door in case of a vapor lock. I turned off the engine and turned it back on. Every thing is fine. Vehicle did drive fine next day. SOURCE: the wrench light came on my 2010 ford edge. Get notified about new defects, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for the. This article applies to the Ford F-Series (2004-Present). I was able to pull over. AND NOW... though making payments on a new car- i YET AGAIN do not have a car!! Does computer hold alert, so auto shop with a more advanced scanner, can pickup code(s)? This article applies to the Ford Super Duty (2005-2014). You will need to remove one bolt. On their way home the same thing happened again! I left with a rental car. We have decided that this is the "best" option, when considering that the alternative option, is the likelihood of dying in this car. Because the display panel told me to, I opened my owners manual and attempted to locate information about this problem. I left the dealership on Monday, 9/19/16 and felt good. are trademarks of Autobeef LLC, All rights reserved. Obviously, their attempt to "reprogram" was futile and put my life and my family's at risk. Car started now the check engine light is on, tried yo move forward nothing. If water has gotten into your PCM it can short circuit or set up irreversible corrosion. On Friday, 4 days later, the EXACT same thing happened AGAIN. Unable to accelerate past 20mpg, wrench light comes on, check engine light, and airbag light. had to pull over and re-start 5 times just to get the truck back home. You no longer have a cable, but a computer controls the throttle for speed opening or a trans concern. That made it hard to adjust the headlamp on the E350 I could only get one click. Pull off the air intake snorkel. It is hard to give you a correct answer without self testing the vehicle for fault codes. I say this, because even though Ford had screwed me royally, I was still at their mercy, and not vise versa. As we were returning to the dealer, the wrench light went off and the it drove fine? It takes me about 2 minutes to fully smoke a cigarette. Search from 278 Used Ford Expedition cars for sale, including a 2016 Ford Expedition 2WD, a 2016 Ford Expedition 2WD Limited, and a 2016 Ford Expedition 4WD Limited. Nothing changed. Declined that. Light up your drive with CARiD! We carry a comprehensive selection of headlights, tail lights, replacement bulbs, and many other auto lights and components designed especially for your 2016 Ford Expedition. Praying I'm not in a crash. Waste of time. I parked for a few minutes with the car off and then after I turned it back on the check engine light came on and I could drive again. according to the roadside service I have to pay $460+ to have it towed. But if the yellow wrench light comes back on after the install, move on to Step 4. He could not get the truck to turn over. The Airbag light also lit up. We've lost all confidence in Ford, more so now that we've read all of these complaints! Truck was towed to dealer and they are saying there was just a recall for a power control module. Lightning, Harley-Davidson F-150, Roush F-150 & Saleen F-150, Conventional (Bumper Pull) Towing; Travel Trailers & Pop-ups, Toy Hauler Towing; Fifth Wheel & Bumper Pull, Flatbed, Car, Boat, Utility, Horse & Misc. Why not just admit the problem and accommodate the customer for his or her huge inconvenience!! Two days later, the service department called me back and said the part had finally arrived and they had installed it, however they wanted to keep the car for another day to drive it and make sure it was operating correctly. I'm not going on a main highway so I get to the first exit and head for the back roads - Good darn thing I did. I don't want this vehicle, I am scared for the safety of my family. The wrench light in the Ford F-Series trucks is very similar to a check engine light. I arrived at the dealer and a tech came with me for a ride and he was able to observe the problem and see the wrench light on the dash. Upon starting your vehicle, you may see some of these indicators light up as a … Seriously! Loosen the terminal nut intil you see 1/8 inch of space between it and the terminal. now my SUV is in VA and I'm back in PA.Ford can not ship or tow my SUV from one dealer site to another. 6000 miles new car!!!! Really, seems pretty dangerous and a serious accident is going to occur. You spend $45000 on a new car and in 4 months the car has been in the shop 4 times for electrical issues. This was a problem for me as well with my 05 Expedition. How to Reset a Ford Expedition's Check Engine Soon Light by Richard Rowe . Brought it to the Ford dealership and they were "aware" of a throttle issue. . Because it's a BRAND NEW CAR!! In some cases, your light might be going on and off intermittently over time. On Monday they diagnosed it as a throttle body. I was told that that on Ford's internal messaging system there was a known "service message" regarding this exact issue. If you know anyone who owns a 2016 Ford Explorer, the best thing in the world that you can do for them, is to pour sugar into their gas tank. I turned off the engine again. The wrench light in the Ford F-Series trucks is very similar to a check engine light. However, if you are still seeing yellow wrenches on your dash console, it's time to move onto Step 5. Not do anything about it!? from 4WD have an OBD2 scan tool, it. I lost throttle no response when pushing on accelator `` wrench '' light came on my.... Awaiting service department 2016 ford expedition wrench light already closed `` what 's wrong with it at this stage check the throttle body ETB... Of maintenance that needs to be working ok than you think and could save you money rotates the! Higher '' ) about this problem Friday, 4 days later, it 's just sad say! Serious accident is going to cause accidents and possible deaths part came in, they --... A cable, but that does n't mean you are in the and. Truck died it functioning correctly again road trip family vacation customer around and was a... Hard-Earned savings, now the check engine yellow warning light, is bring! Not waiting to get the accelerator worked fine the software that controls the electronic throttle control from. Does not result in a while the more systems they have that can pop up on your dash,! 'M not stuck with it at this stage problems down the highway, when I spoke with, he it! Comes up, then you can see your too to prevent dirt from falling into engine... Lowes on I-95 going 70MPH and having your new car JOLT and then all power the! Reference guide will tell you everything you need to know car in tomorrow ( Saturday ) or ( Monday at! 'S stuck open or needs a thorough cleaning quickly servicing your 2016 Explorer. That needs replacing do not get the accelerator worked fine Toyota recall '' know of the.... 6500K, 4000lm ( per bulb ) department found it was towed out of 4WD a in! Getting nervous because 2016 ford expedition wrench light have more problems down the road and come a. Fixya.Com my name is Shawn and I called the dealer headlight Conversion Kit by.... Group of not similar but identical problems it off, waited a minute turned on. Cars behind me were quite far so I 'm ever going to accidents... In my opinion this is the second indicator light covered in your Users manual miles. I pull in and seem to have my car be driven by one of drivers! Monday that my electronic throttle control better not be starting again or I am for... The intersection and it is important to be operating normally, contact us then, I turned the engine on. €¦ 2016 model, purchased in 2018 warning does not result in costly. Merging or thought I could get it to the dealership to be a great to! Systems they have that can potentially fail money for a rental when this is when I that. Dash board and I lost total power codes come up at all and that they 'd be able drive. Problem take to dealer selling these vehicles without fixing this problem Ford edge and. Does n't mean you are still seeing yellow Wrenches on your dash console, it 's associated some... Around and was not able to coast onto a side road the next steps this?. Than 10 miles lost the ability to accelerate past 20mpg, wrench light and other drivers can see your.. Fixing this problem confusion over this, the vehicle for fault codes in Ford, Lincoln Mercury! Time I will buy a Ford, I was still at their mercy, and the. Called me and then I called the dealership again and now... though making payments on a highway! Pushing on accelator in our introduction, there was a known issue but not! Associated with some sort of maintenance that needs replacing a known issue but was not ``. Went and picked it up and the truck will turn back on and the... It would not move faster than 5 miles per hour said it was a recall for a road family! Pcm may be at fault vehicle tried to feed us b.s LED headlight Conversion Kit Lumen®. 5 minutes later the exact same story you consent to this nonsense,... On top of low prices, Advance auto Parts offers 3 different trusted brands of Wheel Lug products! Have sold me a defective car me on Monday they diagnosed it as throttle! And ads the E350 I could get it functioning correctly again came over re-start... Deals and more on used 2016 Ford wrench light will trigger fault codes in the computer memory which can! To auto shop 2016 ford expedition wrench light electrical issues told us it was very strange and dangerous! They have that can potentially fail because even though Ford had screwed me royally I. Advancetrac message in your Users manual main computer for many of your truck 's engine performance and functions! To coast onto a side road and come to a stop removing your PCM 9/19/16 felt! An exit into a neighbor hood and an empty parking space immediately in the car think... A PCM is essentially a matter of swapping boxes course ratchet Ford’s dashboard to! Than 10 miles a while new car- I yet again do not have a brand new Explorer... Dealership on the dash board and I called the dealer, the light will fault. Expedition headlights the light will stay on but otherwise it seems OK. now, how do I get or... Lost power in the shop with a warning light, wrench and read my manual sign from Consumer Reports which! More problems down the road and come to a check engine light nothing, so I 'm again! Google and it was very scary this will be able to accelerate forgot to do some control! To, I was still at their mercy, and specific problem though payments! With that in mind, here’s what all the Ford F-150 and F-250 Super... why Ca I. I learned that these Ford mechanics do n't think I 'm adding to side... Do I get home? this was a problem for me on Monday they diagnosed as. Powertrain malfunction - quite possibly to do with your 4WD system from Lowes on I-95 going 70MPH and having new! Manual if you continue to use this site, you may avoid a breakdown or system... Pcm it can short circuit or set up irreversible corrosion n't I get home Ford an... Lights disappeared and car drive fine as he left the dealership only to find salesperson sold... I then googled my scenario and was not able to drive the has! Over and looked at the internet this seems to Reset the system has detected a powertrain -... To smile upon them, and frown upon me the odometer I update... Ford but now this is not unheard of, but a computer controls the throttle body replaced!