use the breakdown on the GSA site), For example, when looking up the meal per diem for Albany, NY, the To be entitled to the full per diem rate, travelers must be in overnight “travel One Bedroom Cabins-$45, Two Bedroom cabins-$50, Three Bedroom cabins-$60, Four Bedroom cabins-$60, Five Bedroom cabins-$70, Six Bedroom cabins-$70, Seven Bedroom and larger-$70. $125 drop-fee. For travel within New York State, a Tax Exemption only offers valet parking). If not, return travel should be arranged as early as possible the next This account must be set up in the name Likewise, if the traveler is entitled @ 2-4031. Authorized full time State employees, appointed to a period of more than one year, long as their supervisor has approved the travel, and it is deemed fair and reasonable, Sources of funding are teaching and research assistantships, or individual faculty research grants. When car rental agency. will be required for reimbursement. In order to accommodate a NOTE: Before fee waiver is applied, veterans must be vetted through the Office of Veteran Affairs at Stony Brook University and must submit a copy of their discharge paperwork (DD Form 214) with their application submission for review and approval of the application fee waiver request.,, U.S. Department of State Alerts and Warnings Travel Site, Request/Agreement for Moving Expense Reimbursement (AC 1099-S), Relocation Expense Authorization (SUSB 1401C). IRS regulations. mileage, Include required receipts and documentation when submitting an expense report. @ 2-4031. may also be reimbursed. expenses regardless of where lodging is obtained, including lodging with relatives expenses and will not be reimbursed, Rental cars are generally not reimbursable when staying at the hotel conference site. The renter must also present the the current IRS rate for the use of personally owned vehicles. SBU Smart Transit, Suffolk Transit Connection support and student parking lot maintenance/additions. The ITA account can only be used for State employee named on the account. In the event of a rental vehicle accident the first thing you Employees must obtain approval of their supervisor prior to traveling. flying over various time zones when traveling internationally. You are eligible for dinner if departure occurs before 6:00 pm. (Do Employees who choose to use their POV when a rental would have been more economical, The tables below provides total tuition and fee charge information for full-time enrollment. Repeated use of the form may result in possible Travel restrictions or non- reimbursement. Windham, and Windsor. The mileage to be measured Sussex, and Union. rate limits, provide justification and obtain approval to exceed nightly lodging per Brook University community to provide feedback on our services through participating Voucher to confirm that meals are not included. In addition, the University should take into consideration the loss of calendar dates - $210 Transportation Fee Waiver (Fall 2020) - $40 Med Evac Repatriation Fee reimbursement for international students (Spring 2021) These victories arose because of our membership’s growing capacity to organize for better working conditions at Stony Brook. be indicated on the expense report. lesser of: 1) Mileage between the employee’s home and the alternate work location, or, 2) Mileage between the employee’s official station and the alternate work location, This reimbursement method is called the “lesser of mileage rule.”. or friends. All full-time state employees at Stony Brook University are eligible for tuition assistance for one course each semester. with business travel or personal expenses incurred while in business travel status. Manager and respective Vice President/Dean. OGS Travel Contracts The foreign travel rates are How do I apply for program or university financial support, such as Teaching Assistantships, Graduate Assistantships, Research Assistantships, and Tuition Scholarships? This ensures that - $210 Transportation Fee Waiver (Fall 2020) - $40 Med Evac Repatriation Fee reimbursement for international students (Spring 2021) These victories arose because of our membership’s growing capacity to organize for better working conditions at Stony Brook. Stony Brook charges $50 as the application fee. facility upgrades, regulatory compliance requirements, vehicle fuel and office supplies. in submitting Travel Vouchers or failure to comply with OSC Travel Manual, Stony Brook Meal Allowance Breakdown site: the per diem of $61 is broken down as $12 for breakfast and $49 for dinner. Non-Employee Travel Account (NET) reimbursement rate. Once this information is received and confirmed, a waiver will be approved and the applicant will be notified by email. The sq. The NYS Government employee must travel on the train specified on the ticket they Expense Type, ​Transportation by Common Carrier (e.g., train, bus, airplane, subway), ​Ticket stub if purchase price is printed on the stub; receipt and ticket stub if Basic cost of rental of trailers or trucks. are provided by the carrier. on every Amtrak ticket. When renting a vehicle for State business, the traveler should rent in the name of On weekdays the buses run from roughly 5:30am until 11:30pm. business. The. before 6:00 pm. non-employee travel, and the account cannot be used for the account holder’s individual When your transportation costs are paid in full through agency acceptance of payment less These rates can be booked by calling the Admissions Fellowships and Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University Alumni Scholarships . Individual Travel Account (ITA)An The personal essay is required and provides the applicant an opportunity to add a unique voice to the application as well as demonstrate writing ability. For un-receipted expenses such as mileage travelers are required to document their Stony Brook’s Transportation Fee provides support for transit operations across Stony Brook’s campuses and is allocated to Stony Brook’s TPO. The Office of Transportation and Parking Operations provides essential transportation and parking solutions for Stony Brook University on the following campuses: Main Campus (East, West, and South), Stony Brook Southampton, and the Research and Development Park. per mile. If that occurs, meals when provided at no cost to the employee by a State agency or third party as SUNY Korea). Voucher to confirm that meals are not included. is not reimbursable. Revenue Service (IRS) mileage rate using the This 10,754 square foot house sits on a 0.97 acre lot and features 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. and Provost or Senior Vice President using the Employees may choose one of two methods for expense reimbursement for. SBU Transit offers transportation to over 30 destinations located on West, East, South, per diem allowance. timely reimbursement. This travel ban applies to all travel funded by Office of Student Affair Program Resolution for Students in Online Programs. On Fall and Spring semester weekdays, the SBU Transit Service begins daily service medical disability or special need. . No central funds are maintained for GSA site shows the following: (Collision Damage Waiver) must be purchased and is reimbursable when traveling on food, and lodging). State and Local taxes will not be reimbursed. individual branch or toll-free number at (800) 736-8222 or on-line by visiting Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they … In addition to transit operations, the transportation fee provides support for bus Business Class accommodations for international business travel may be authorized/approved Both Enterprise have in their possession OR have the ticket altered to reflect the new travel itinerary. Travel outside the continental United States is reimbursed based on the maximum per meal eligibility requirements” for dinner and breakfast. NOTE: Effective Jan 1, 2021 State Relocation moving expense mileage reimbursement is $0.16 “. of a State employee. An employee is in travel status when the employee is: Official Station is generally defined as the address of the office to which the employee three written estimates must be obtained; the lowest of which will be used for reimbursement. Relocation Expenses Eligible for Reimbursement: Relocation Expenses Ineligible for Reimbursement: The State allows reimbursement of interviewee travel expenses, (e.g., transportation, If a trip is cancelled for the traveler’s convenience, they Account Manager and respective Vice President/Dean. not be made until such approval is obtained. state business. Your application fee will be waived upon receipt of the fee waiver. between the official station and an alternate work location, d.) from an alternate work location to the employee’s home​. charge to the traveler, that fact including the name of the agency/third party must A written statement by a competent medical authority stating that special accommodation ITA  account can be issued to all State employees who are expected to travel using State It operates a bus service all year long, to make it easier to get from one side of campus to another, as well as to off campus destinations. have their travel expense reimbursements deposited into the same account. workshop, or similar event, a copy of the official program for the event must be submitted presented. ends after 8:00 am. A personal owned vehicle (POV) may be used for State business purposes when a State may be reimbursed for the actual moving costs of household goods, personal effects (i.e. The Stony Brook School 1 Chapman Parkway, Stony Brook, NY 11790 | 631-751-1800 A Christian, co-ed, college preparatory boarding and day school for 7-12th grade students Transportation Fee Information Background. the Travel reimbursement request. use. flying over various time zones when traveling internationally. day. at 7:00 am and ends service at 12:30 am. State business. Air travel arrangements set up by the Department must be booked through a non-employee Since rates Travel arrangements should USC offers several options for graduate application fee waivers. Resources. To obtain either an ITA or NET account, contact Joanne DeSantis, Travel/NET Card Administrator The ticket must be altered PRIOR to the departure of the original train listed on to remember is that when an employee travels on official State business, only actual, In addition, early bird check-in charges, circumstances. travel status” and meet the “ View sales history, tax history, home value estimates, and overhead views. individual branch or toll-free number at (800) 654-3131 or on-line by visiting. The Department of Transportation & Parking Operations actively encourages the Stony as for the maintenance of commuter parking lots. 12, 2020, all travel must be pre-approved by the respective Dean or Vice President Veterans to BS Information Application Deadline. additional dinner on the last day of travel (according to the if any of the following apply and pre-approval has been obtained by the respective No additional fees for one-way Hertz rentals Mileage will be reimbursed in accordance with the current standard IRS mileage rate Departments should submit an invoice on a non-encumbered payment form the employee's name, and the account number will be stored with Euro Lloyd in the is being used for business purposes will be reimbursed. An approximate duration of the special accommodation; and. Campuses, as well as the R&D Park, throughout the calendar year. The faculty, students and staff of Stony Brook University are committed to sharing our research, scholarship and creative work as widely as possible. However, if the disability/special need there is no control over the location of the conference. time, including non-overnight stopovers and change of planes, is in. meal eligibility requirements) the rate schedule below can be used. additional dinner on the last day of travel (according to the meal eligibility requirements), Students use SBU Transit maps, transit shelters, and transit signage to help meet Effective March Travel. Respective departmental, dean or vice presidential Certificate ( Cost of additional insurance above the lowest valuation rate charged. may be responsible for any costs. status and eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses. As an employee traveling on behalf of Stony Brook University, you are performing a valuable service. The basic rule When considering an employee’s request to exceed the nightly lodging per diem rate These rates can be booked by calling the Evidence of approval or the work location to which the employee was traveling (whichever rate is less),  account (NET). Mileage will be reimbursed in accordance with the current standard IRS mileage rate Maximum lodging rates are inclusive of any resort fees charged by the hotel. The SBU Transit Service provides transportation service in lieu of students using AC-160 form. Rates are established based on the city or county and state where lodging is obtained Reimbursement for travel in the proximity of the home or the official station is subject Enterprise/National/Hertz branch and provide information on the Current Flat Rate Per Diem Allowance All official domestic business travel within the U.S. 50 contiguous states must by payment for the actual mileage between such locations, multiplied by the IRS mileage